The New Paint Zoom – A Home Painting Revelation

Unless you’ve been living under a rock for the past year, you’ll no doubt have heard of Paint Zoom – the unique all-in-one painting system, capable of attacking any job around the house and home and able to deliver great results. Are the adverts and infomercials correct or are they pulling the wool over your eyes?First of all, let’s see what all the fuss is about. What do the infomercials say about the product and are they correct in what they say.The machine uses a paint spray technique, so straightaway we can see that the product removes the need to paint with brushes or rollers. Personally I don’t mind painting with brushes, but I do find using a roller a bit of a pain, especially when painting ceilings.Before you’re ready to start painting you first need to fill the paint reservoir inside the machine. Luckily the sprayer comes equipped with a measuring cup which enables you to get the right paint to water ratio mixed together at the beginning.By squeezing a trigger the paint begins to spray and will continue to flow until you release the grip on the trigger. The nozzle emits a fine mist of balanced paint spray, which can cover any flat surface and will stick as long as the surface can take water based paints.A 650 watt motor is built-in to the machine and is from what the pump takes the power. There are larger motors available on other sprayers, but this size does the intended job and due to the relatively small size, the machine won’t make your arm ache after holding it for extended periods.One thing to note is that the product isn’t new nor is it unique. It has been around for over a decade and has international status, it’s just that the manufacturers are now pushing forward again with their marketing strategies.There are also other paint sprayers on the market, but the Zoom stands out in its own niche. It isn’t looking to compete with more powerful, complex commercial sized sprayers, it’s target audience is you and me and it’s goal is to offer every family the chance to spray, walls, fences, sheds, entire houses etc. on a domestic level.So does it actually work?The main point to note is that the machine does what it states, as long as you follow the guidelines you’ll have a sprayer that performs the task given to it. It can’t compete with commercial sprayers, but it was never intended to go head to head with these models.The motor is big enough to power the pump continuously and as long as you follow the instructions for paint mixing, the spray of paint will be even and will coat your desired surface, leaving a lovely fresh, bold coat of paint on the finish.If you make mistakes like some reviewers have and forgo the viscosity cup for accurate paint mixing, don’t be surprised if you get large blobs of paint on the surface or blocked nozzles holding up jobs.Always use it as intended and designed. We’ve read reviews of the hose falling off. Now this spray machine isn’t heavy duty, so if you pull it around by the hose, it will work loose and eventually come away altogether. Carry it around using the top handle and you’ll be fine.We didn’t find any other teething issues and happily painted large parts of our house as well as the garage and dog kennel. The Paint Zoom is a well-designed and made paint sprayer and easily holds its own on the market.

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A Home Painting Contractor Makes Things Simpler

Not everybody has the ability to take on many of the larger home improvement projects that so often plague homeowners into hating all remodeling projects. Still, amateur homeowners take on these complicated tasks and regret doing so soon after, often feeling silly for even trying to handle such a job. Hiring a contractor to handle these large projects is very wise and can help to save a good deal of time and money for the homeowner.With a home painting contractor, homeowners know their work is in good hands. With a secure feeling that the exterior painting is going to be done professionally and with minimal problems or delays, they can focus on other things. Getting chores done around the house, working on other parts of a remodel or home improvement projects or simply taking the time to relax, homeowners often enjoy the presence of a home panting contractor on their jobsite. Their expertise and professional training helps to prepare them for the job and makes sure they are ready to handle problems as they arise and hopefully handle problems so that they do not become further trouble down the road.With the assistance of a home painting contractor, homeowners will be able to accomplish their project in a timely manner without sacrificing any quality in the work. A house that looks great can be a source of pride for many homeowners. Homeowners should take pride in their home and do all that they can to ensure its appearance is kept to the highest of standards. Often, the best way to do this is by hiring a professional to assist with the exterior painting.

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